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e-Mbizo partners with Altai Technologies


e-Mbizo has deployed Altai C1 Super WiFi CPEs to provide indoor Wi-Fi coverage and extend the outdoor coverage. (Image source: FreeDigitalPhotos)

A statement from e-Mbizo said that the company had deployed Altai A8 Super WiFi Stations in Tembisa to provide outdoor WiFi coverage, as well as C1 Super WiFi CPEs to provide indoor coverage and extend the outdoor coverage.

In addition, e-Mbizo also deployed Altai A2 for backhaul links across the town to provide high speed and affordable WiFi connectivity across the district, the statement added.

Thabo Malebadi, CEO of e-Mbizo, said, “After a lengthy and in-depth research of numerous mobile network technologies, we identified Altai Technologies as a partner of choice.

“Altai has a complete carrier-grade solution, with superior quality of service and broad flexibility in terms of scalability. We have seen outstanding broadband speeds and in certain areas the coverage range is beyond our expectations.”

Altai Technologies acting CEO Bill Wong said, “Altai’s advanced wireless technology requires fewer access points per sq km of coverage, which enables wireless service providers to quickly build a wireless broadband network with wide coverage at a much lower total project cost.”

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